Profile of Speakers

Rochester Rhapsody – A Capella Chorus

RPS Luncheon, December 13, 2023 -Join us to hear some great music to ring in the holiday season.

Paul Ericson- Rochester Beacon-a Digital Publication and Community Forum in Rochester, N.Y

RPS Luncheon, January 10, 2024 -Join Paul Ericson as he explains the importance of local news magazines in this digital age.

Corey Merkel, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor RIT-Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

RPS Luncheon, February 14, 2024 -Join Dr. Corey Merkel to learn more about AI and brain inspired computing systems.

John J. Foxe, Ph.D.- Wicked Problems and Brain Science

RPS Luncheon, March 13, 2024 -Join RPS and Dr. John Foxe to learn more about neuroscience and discoveries of the brain.

Wayne Goodman – Landmark Society of Western NY

RPS Luncheon, April 10, 2024 -Join RPS to learn more about the Landmark Society and its work to preserve and/or adapt historic structures in Westner NY.

Sal Maiorana – Sports Reporter- Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

RPS Luncheon, May 8, 2024 -Join RPS and Sal Maiorana to learn more about the Buffalo Bills and the sports world from a seasoned reporter and author.

Lindsay Alberts – EquiCenter- Veteran Programing and More

RPS Luncheon, November 9, 2022 -Join RPS to learn more about the Rochester-area EquiCenter educational and therapeutic programs for veterans.

Herb Smith- Connecting People with Music

RPS Luncheon, June 12, 2024 -Join RPS in June to learn more about Herb Smith, RPO trumpet player, teacher, composer, classical musician and jazz music performer.

Thomas Warfield – Inclusion and Diversity in the Performing Arts

RPS Luncheon, December 14, 2022 -Join RPS to learn more about Inclusion and Diversity in the Performing Arts.

John Ninfo, The Native American Government That Inspired the US Constitution

RPS Luncheon, January 11, 2023 -Join Judge John Ninfo as he explains the influence the Iroquois Confederacy had on the founding fathers and the US Constitution.

Lynne Maquat, Lessons Learned from Studying Inherited Diseases: From Mechanism to Therapeutics

RPS Luncheon, January 11, 2023 -Join Dr. Maquat as she explains the lessons learned about gene expression from the perspective of mRNA in both health and disease and how RNA is already under development, if not already in use, as a tool or a target for disease therapeutics.

Dan Watson, Astrophysicist- Where is the Next Civilization?

RPS Luncheon, February 8, 2023 -Join Dr. Watson as he discusses star and planetary system formation and where the next civilization might be found.

Jim Memmott, Remarks on my Remarkable Rochesterians: Some thoughts on the over-achievers who have done our area proud.

RPS Luncheon, March 8, 2023 -Join Jim Memmott to learn about the interesting and remarkable people who have made significant contributions to the Rochester area.

Dr. Gregory Heyworth, In the Footsteps of Petrarch: Recovering Lost Classics from the World’s Oldest Libraries

RPS Luncheon, April 12, 2023 -Join Dr. Gregory Heyworth to learn about the imaging and restoration of historic books and manuscripts.

Lisa Roy Baron -A New Urban State Park in Rochester, How Should it be Developed?

RPS Luncheon, May 10, 2023 – Lisa Baron will chronicle the challenges of funding and creating a plan to designate greater High Falls as the first organized Ecodistrict in NYS

Christine Van Stean – Rochester’s Best-Kept Secret: Unveiling the Mighty Wurlitzer

RPS Luncheon, June 14, 2023 -Join RPS to learn more about Rochester’s Best-Kept Secret, the Mighty Wurlitzer.

Tara Nelson -Visual Studies Workshop

RPS Luncheon, September 20, 2023 – Tara Nelson, curator of the Moving Image Collection at the Visual Studies Workshop will discuss the 16 mm collection and film in general.

Stan Munro, The Toothpick Man: Creator of Towers & Sacred Buildings from Around the World

Luncheon, Nov. 8, 2023 -Meet Stan Munroe, the Toothpick Engineer.

Kathryn Murano-Santos (RMSC), Jamie Jacobs (Tuscaroran) – 1700’s Seneca Artifacts on Loan from France

RPS Added Value Event, Sept. 7, 2023 -Join us at Ganondagan for a tour and to hear Kathryn Murano-Santos (Collections Department Chair at RMSC), Jamie Jacobs (Tuscaroran Head of the Rock Foundation in Buffalo) and an Educator from Ganondagan State Historic Site share the story of how a collection of late 1700’s artifacts came to be on loan from France at the Ganondagan State Historic Site.

Anthony Daniele -Whole Foods Project

RPS Luncheon, November 10, 2021 – Anthony Daniele will chronicle the challenges of bringing the Whole Foods Project to Brighton.

Young Artist Auditions Winners

RPS Luncheon, December 8, 2021 -Join us to hear two exceptional local high school musicians in concert.

Linda Moroney -Emmy Award-winning documentary- Turn the Page

RPS Luncheon, January 12, 2022 -Join Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Linda Moroney, as she describes the making of her film, Turn the Page.

Bob Gerace, What War with North Korea Would Look Like

RPS Luncheon, February 9, 2022 -Join Bob Gerace for this highly relevant & current presentation that will look at 29+ years of continuing nuclear build up by North Korea and the options the US and its allies have to stop it. And the options are not good!

David Andreatta – The Future of Print Media

RPS Luncheon, March 9, 2022 -Join the editor of CITY Magazine, David Andreatta, to discuss the future of print media in a digital media age.

Barry Childs, Africa Bridge-Helping Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

RPS Luncheon, September 14, 2022 -Join Barry Childs to learn about Africa Bridge and its goal to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their families in Tanzania by creating farming cooperatives, building classrooms and opening clinics.

Timothy Cosgriff – Suny Empire State College

RPS Zoom Presentation, June 9, 2021 – Tim Cosgriff will talk about the role of the SUNY Empire State College throughout higher education in the United States. 

Debra Baker – Shadow Pandemic & Impact on Mental Health

RPS Luncheon, April 13, 2022 -Join Debra Baker, whose blend of journalism, legal, and business experience provides her with a distinct perspective when it comes to delivering new approaches in clear and compelling ways.

Tracey Dreisbach & Brandi Koch -Rotary Sunshine Camp – Spreading Sunshine for 100 Years

RPS Luncheon, May 11, 2022 -Join Tracey Dreisbach and Brandi Koch as they describe the Rotary Sunshine Camp, where kids have no barriers to fun. You will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about the camp, but were afraid to ask.

Nathan Hayes -RMSC Cumming Nature Center – Changing Landscapes

RPS Luncheon, June 1, 2022 -Join RPS to learn more about the Rochester-area nature center’s campus, educational programs and fundraising.

Jim Kennard -Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario – A Journey of Discovery

RPS Luncheon, September 8, 2021 -Join the most successful shipwreck hunter in Lake Ontario on a personal and historic exploration of some of the most important shipwrecks discovered in Lake Ontario by his team and shipwreck peers.

Ken Slater – Inside Baseball

RPS October 13 Luncheon -Ken Slater’s talk will trace the progress of a player from high school to college and a professional career, weaving in his experiences as both player and coach. He will share stories of the players he met, spring training, the rigors of travel, and salary contracts. He will also comment on recent changes in some of the traditional rules of major league baseball, some of which developed in response to the pandemic. 

May 20, 2020 Trip – Gypsy at Festival Theatre, Niagara-on-the-Lake – CANCELLED

RPS May Trip – Join us as we travel to the quaint village of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to see Gypsy at the Festival Theatre preceded by lunch at the Queenston Heights Restaurant

August 19, 2020 Trip – “State Fair”, REV Theatre, Auburn, NY – Cancelled

RPS August Trip – Join us as we travel to Auburn, NY to see “State Fair” at the REV Theatre preceded by a shopping stop at Sauder’s Market, then lunch at the Sherwood Inn, Skaneateles, NY

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Dr. Donald Duckles, M.D.
General Surgeon, URMC

Past Speakers

  • James Townsend – Adirondack Park Agency
  • Robert Marcotte – Assistant Editor D&C
  • Don Alhart – TV Anchor
  • Sandra Parker – RBA
  • Maggie Brooks – County Executive
  • Dennis & Trudi Frengle – Voyage around the world
  • Dr. Marjorie Hunter – Technology at UR
  • Milton Shares – Underwater Photographer-Erie Canal
  • Kathy Connor – GEH Curator
  • Eleanor Stearns – Amelia Earhart
  • Mark Cuddy – Artistic Dir GEVA
  • Deborah Hughes – Susan B Anthony
  • Betty Perkins Carpenter – Behind scenes at Olympics
  • Heidi Zimmer Meyer – Downtown Development
  • Scott Hill – Pictometry
  • Anne Kress – MCC
  • Jim Kennard – Deep Sea Diver
  • Guy Kittelsen – Atom Bomb
  • Don Jeffries – Rochester Broadway Theatre
  • Rachel Baker August – Seneca Zoo
  • Janet Anders – Seaquist – CSI
  • Joe Testani – FBI
  • John Adams – St Lawrence Seaway
  • Grant Holcomb – MAG
  • Evan Dawson – Finger Lakes Wine
  • Jack Garner – Movie Critic
  • Jim Howe – Pro/Con Hydrofracking
  • Dr. Marcia Bornhurst Parkes – Consultant & Music Director