John J. Foxe, Ph.D.- Chair-Department of Neuroscience, University of Rochester

RPS Presentation, March 13,  2024–  John Foxe, Ph.D.- Neuroscience and Discoveries of the Brain.

Prof John J Foxe is the Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Chair in Neuroscience at the University of Rochester in New York, where he is Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience. He is a visiting professor at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Trinity College Dublin, City University of New York, and Maynooth University. John specialises in the basic neurophysiology of neurological and psychiatric conditions. His work focuses on identification of neuro-markers in childhood neuropsychiatric diseases and linking those to the underlying genetics. For more information, link to Dr. Foxe’s webpage at the UofR and his research lab website.