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The Retired Professionals Society Mission

The Retired Professionals Society fosters continuous discovery and connectivity among retirees in Western New York. The Society helps enrich the retirement years of members by presenting programs which educate, entertain, or inspire; which provide for the discovery of new ideas and information; and which allow for the interchange of opinions on subjects of special interest to members.

Retiring and retired professionals come together at monthly luncheons from September to June, in a relaxed country club setting. Local and regional speakers who are knowledgeable about compelling subjects offer lectures and answer questions from members. Additional activities include annual excursions to special theater events or cultural attractions. Current membership stands at 235 and is growing annually.

Historical Development of The Retired Professionals Society

The Retired Professionals Society (the RPS) was founded in 1980 under the auspices of the University of Rochester Alumni Association. Its primary mission was to enrich the retirement years of its members by providing stimulating and educational programs at monthly luncheon gatherings of the members. The founding principle stated that professionals across all academic disciplines at the University, having spent their careers discovering new knowledge, would in retirement still be keenly interested to discover new insights and to share these with their peers and friends. The organization grew rapidly, and in 1993 it separated from the University of Rochester, extending its membership more broadly, to retired professionals across Western New York. The RPS has grown and thrived over the years, without any attempt to advertise itself beyond word of mouth. This success can be attributed to the actions and contributions of its members and their networks. The RPS membership is widely connected in the community, including a broad spectrum of professions such as the arts, education, medicine, science, engineering, law, finance, manufacturing, retail, and human services. The members’ commitment to the organization has resulted in continuous suggestions for interesting speakers, while members’ invitations to peers and friends sustain its growth. Present membership stands at 235. The work of the organization is accomplished through committees and the Board of Directors. The RPS encourages members to serve in these roles. In 2016, seventy-five percent of the membership completed a survey. Results indicated a high level of satisfaction with the programs, with the country club venue where the monthly meetings take place, and with the social opportunities. New ideas also emerged for expanded offerings and enhanced communications to prospective new members. Since the RPS expects more newly retired people to show interest in RPS membership, it has developed a website and is exploring additional ways to communicate more effectively and enhance membership services online. Initiatives in career continuation, mentoring and leveraging the skills of our members are also under consideration. Some of these are likely to emerge as expanded programs to meet the needs and interests of future retirees.

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