Anthony Daniele -Whole Foods Project

RPS Presentation, November 10,  2021–  Anthony Daniele – Whole Foods Project

Anthony Daniele is a former two-term Monroe County legislator and served as Majority Chairperson during his tenure. He has remained active in local politics in Pittsford & Monroe County.

 Mr. Daniele serves as Vice President of Daniele Family Business Organization. He is a key player in the Whole Foods Project proposed for Monroe Avenue near Clover Street. The development plans include a number of retail stores and a restaurant and expects to create numerous jobs for area residents and as well as increase the tax base for the Town of Brighton. 

 Anthony Daniele is also the Chair of the St. Louis Church Parish Council, a licensed pilot and a graduate of Auburn University.  He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro [19,000 feet summit]. He is married to Erin and has two children.