Bob Gerace, What War with North Korea Would Look Like

RPS Presentation, February 9,  2022–  Bob Gerace- What War with North Korea Would Look Like.

Bob Gerace is a retired Naval Intelligence Officer with over 27 years of service. He had been assigned to units in Buffalo, Rochester, & finally Washington, DC all of which supported the Defense Intelligence Agency which is the military counter-part to the Central Intelligence Agency. His last 10 years was as Acting Naval Attaché to the US Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. He spent 2 short-term assignments at the embassy during one of which he went aboard an active Soviet warship in what was an historic trial to see if the Soviet officers and US officers could carry this off without incident. The exchange was so successful that it led months later to a Soviet ship visit to our Norfolk Naval Base, and our US ship visit to Sebastopol, Ukraine. It was a significant breakthrough during the administration of Mikhail Gorbachev. 

Bob retired 2 years ago as Adjunct Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology after 35 years. He taught 9 different courses in 3 different colleges including teaching a course in Counter-Terrorism for 10 years.

He also retired from Paychex where he had been a Senior Management & Leadership Trainer for over 16 years. 

He has given presentations like this to a number of area private clubs & social organization.

He is a graduate of SUNY-Buffalo, Brown University Graduate School, & the US Naval War College Graduate School.