Linda Moroney -Emmy Award-winning documentary- Turn the Page

RPS Presentation, January 12,  2022–  Linda Moroney – Emmy Award-winning documentary –Turn the Page

Linda Moroney is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, programmer and educator.  In 2019, Linda produced and directed the Emmy Award-winning film TURN THE PAGE that explores the fractured relationship between incarcerated parents and their children through the lens of a literacy program called Storybook. Co-produced with Crystal Pix, TURN THE PAGE aired nationally across public television. 

Currently, Linda is producing and directing a short documentary about Election Day 2020, filmed at suffragist gravesites in five New York state cemeteries as the second part of the Women and the Vote NYS project. Previously, she produced and directed ELECTION DAY 2016, a short documentary shown at the Inaugural Meet the Press Film Festival with the American Film Institute in 2017 and licensed by NBC. 

Linda also serves as a producer on The Faith Journal Project. This art installation combines self-portraits, animated clips, artwork, and quotes from journal entries created by Faith Hubley between 1978 and 2001 and crafted, curated, and assembled by Emily Hubley. 

Learn more about Linda’s Story here.