Al Brault, Winning an Emmy – The Birth of Consumer Color Video Imaging

RPS Presentation, October 12,  2022–  Al Brault- Winning an Emmy – The Birth of Consumer Color Video Imaging.

Al received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from St. Michael’s College (VT.) in 1959, followed by a PhD from Northwestern University in 1963. His first career position was with the Kodak Research Laboratories. While employed at Kodak, Al held a variety of positions in research, research management, and directorships of Corporate Training, Management Development, and Human Resources for the Research Laboratories and the Life Sciences Business Group. He was Executive Director for the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University for nine years followed by holding the Senior Human Resource Executive position at the University of Rochester/Medical Center. After retiring in 2001, Al wrote a book titled “Adding Value in Higher Education through Human Resources” that earned him the distinguished Kathryn G. Hansen Award from CUPA.HR. He was also honored as a recipient of an Emmy Award for the “Pioneering Development of the Single Chip Color Camera” in 2019 and the Distinguished IEEE, Masaru Ibuka Award in Consumer Electronics in 2022. Al is currently retired and lives with his wife, Phyllis, in Fairport, NY.